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Artist's Talk: Sui Park at Korea Society

October 27, 2021

Tuesday, November 2 at 5pm

"I weave and connect traces and tracks of subtle changes into organic forms. The organic forms are made with mass-produced industrial materials, in particular, Monofilament and cable ties. They are non–durable, disposable, trivial, inexpensive and easily consumed materials. But, when I weave and connect them, they are transformed into organic visualizations." - Sui Park

Sui Park creates 3-dimensional organic forms using industrial materials. The abstract forms resemble transitions and transformations in nature, yet they also capture subtle but continuous changes in our emotions, sentiments, memories, and expectations.

One of the three artists featured in Interlacement: A Group Exhibition at The Korea Society, Park discusses her art and career.

Currently on View at the Charles B. Wang Center

October 27, 2021

Again by Seongmin Ahn
on view until May 31, 2022
Charles B. Wang Center Main Lobby

Again is a typographical mural by Brooklyn-based artist Seongmin Ahn, expressing her manifesto of overcoming the global COVID-19 pandemic. The mural is a cross-cultural exchange and community bonds, and it incorporates both Eastern and Western styles, motifs, ornaments, and symbols. The ornamented images celebrates "the beginning of a prosperous future again" in various languages, including Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, and Hindi.

The mural has been installed in various communities in New York City, including the neighborhood of Corona, Queens, an area that was hit hard by COVID-19.

New Shows at New York Museums

October 22, 2021

Ali Banisadr, We Haven't Landed on Earth Yet, 2012. Oil on linen. H. 82 x W. 120 in. (208.3 x 304.8 cm). Mohammed Afkhami Foundation. Photograph courtesy of Mohammed Afkhami Foundation

Asia Society

Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians — The Mohammed Afkhami Collection
September 10th, 2021 - May 8th, 2022
Admission is by timed ticketing only

Asia Society Museum presents Rebel, Jester, Mystic, Poet: Contemporary Persians—The Mohammed Afkhami Collection, an exhibition of works by more than 20 Iranian-born artists and one German-born artist, reflecting a dynamic and thriving contemporary arts scene. The exhibition, illuminating the multifaceted experiences and identities of artists spanning three generations who are working inside and outside of Iran, probes subjects such as gender identity, war and peace, politics and religion, and spirituality.
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Korea Society

Interlacement: a Group Exhibition
September 30, 2021 - January 28, 2022
Open by appointment only

Sui Park Flow
Sui Park, Flow, 2015-2021, Courtesy of Korea Society

In this group exhibition, three artists challenge and redefine the conventional idea of fiber and textile art by employing already-established techniques of weaving, embroidery, and assemblage with new materials and creating and inventing new forms. Featuring the work of Woomin Kim, Sui Park, and Jayoung Yoon.

Woomin Kim examines the active materiality of daily objects and urban landscapes through her textile and sculptural projects. Sui Park’s 3-dimensional organic forms are composed of industrial materials that resemble transitions and transformations in nature; they capture subtle but continuous changes in our emotions, sentiments, memories, and expectations. Jayoung Yoon weaves strands of her own hair into forms to create intricate sculptures that resemble fine nets or webs, giving her works a delicate transparency and evoking a feeling of intimacy and envelopment.

Due to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), the gallery is open only by appointment. For more information, please click here.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Companions in Solitude: Reclusion and Communion in Chinese Art
July 31, 2021 - August 14, 2022
Rotation one: July 31, 2021-January 9, 2022
Rotation two: January 30, 2021-August 14, 2022

Summer retreat in the eastern grove
Summer retreat in the eastern grove, calligraphy datable to 1512, Wen Zhengming (1470-1559), handscroll, ink on paper, courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art

This exhibition will explore the twin themes of solitude and togetherness in Chinese art. For more than two thousand years, reclusion—removing oneself from society—has been presented as the ideal condition for mental cultivation and transcending worldly troubles. At the same time, communion with like-minded people has been celebrated as essential to the human experience. This choice, to be alone or to be together, has been central to the lives of thinkers and artists, and Chinese art abounds with images of figures who pursued both paths—as well as those who wove them together in complex and surprising ways. Companions in Solitude, presented in two rotations, will bring together more than 120 works of painting, calligraphy, and decorative arts that illuminate this choice—depictions of why and how people have sought space from the world or attempted to bridge the divide between themselves and others. In the wake of 2020, a year that has isolated us physically but connected us virtually in unprecedented ways, this exploration of premodern Chinese reclusion and communion will invite meditation on the fracture and facture of human connection in our own time.
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Tibet House US

Transforming Minds: Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche and Friends
Photographs by Allen Ginsberg 1989–1997
September 21, 2021 - December 12, 2021
Free with reservation of timed ticket

Photograph courtesy of Tibet House US

Tibet House US is delighted to partner with The Allen Ginsberg Estate and Jewel Heart International on an exhibition of unique images by the celebrated visionary and poet Allen Ginsberg. This extraordinary selection of images focuses on Allen's Tibetan Buddhist teacher and friend, the renowned Tibetan Buddhist master, Kyabje Gelek Rimpoche (1938-2017), and his friends and students.
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Autumn exhibition 2021 at Francesca Galloway

October 21, 2021

A raja receives two courtiers by night, possibly from the ‘Small Guler’ Bhagavata Purana series, attributed to the Guler artist Manaku and his family, c. 1740-50, Opaque pigments and gold on paper, 17.8 × 28.2 cm, including a narrow orange border, Inscribed in Devanagari on the verso (wrongly): 3 Raga Hindola; Provenance: Ludwig Habighorst collection

October 18 - November 27, 2021

To view the online catalogue, click here

The exhibition is on view Monday-Friday 10am - 5pm
at Francesca Galloway,1st Floor, 31 Dover Street - London W1S 4ND
(appointments preferred).

Five Asia Week New York galleries in the Madison Avenue Fall Gallery Walk
October 23, 2021

October 18, 2021

Minol Araki (1928-1210), Cliff and Rice Paddy (detail), 1976, Hanging scroll; ink and mineral colors on paper, Overall size 51¼ x 25½ in. (130.2 x 65 cm), courtesy of Thomsen Gallery

This free event invites the public to visit participating galleries, view their fall exhibitions and attend expert talks led by artists and curators on Madison Avenue & side streets from East 57 to East 86 St.

Due to limited capacity, registration is required to reserve your space at each participating gallery. Galleries are listed in alphabetical order. To register, please click on the green “Book Now” button below. Each gallery visit booking must be done separately.

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DAG, 41 East 57 Street, Suite 708 (Madison-Park) (11am-6pm)
The Wonder of India at DAG’s New York gallery presents a selection of works that span the diverse strands of modernism that developed at art centers across India through the 19th and 20th centuries. Including Company paintings, Kalighat Pats, Bengal School, tantra and abstract movements, and the lens of cubism and primitivism – the show is a document of India over two centuries from the introduction of Western academic realism to the Indian vernacular.

Gallery Talk: 12pm, 2pm, 3pm & 5pm: An introduction to different strands of modernism in India in the 19th and 20th centuries, through the lens of the exhibition on view including works by Jamini Roy, MF Husain, Company paintings, amongst many others.

Ippodo Gallery, 32 East 67 Street (Madison-Park) (11am-6pm)
Ippodo Gallery and Barry Friedman Ltd. are pleased to present their first collaborative exhibition: Massimo Micheluzzi: Master of Venetian Glass. The imaginative displays of vases will fill the serene space of Ippodo Gallery. We invite you to see the juxtaposition of a Venetian artist in what may seem to be an unusual space. Witness the transcendence of forms and colors. The variety of shapes and patterns create a lovely amalgamation of ultramodern landscapes. This extensive collection contains about 40 pieces from Barry Friedman Ltd.’s collection and new works which have just arrived from Venice. Massimo Micheluzzi (b.1957) uses traditional techniques to achieve a uniquely modern aesthetic.

Gallery Talk: 3pm: Throughout the exhibition, one can see Micheluzzi’s transformation while keeping with the time-honored Muranese glassmaking methods. This talk will walk through Micheluzzi’s evolution from his earlier monochromatic vessels to pieces that mimic terrazzo, marble, and intarsio inlay.

Kapoor Galleries, 34 East 67 Street, Floor 3 (Madison-Park) (11am-5pm)
Kapoor Galleries presents Incarnations of Devotion for the Madison Avenue Fall 2021 Gallery Walk. The exhibition features an array of Indian miniature paintings as well as a carefully curated selection of artworks from India, Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia. Highlights of the exhibition include a bronze Chola-period sculpture of Parvati with 1950s provenance; several outstanding Tibeto-Chinese scroll paintings depicting arhats and tantric deities; and a rare ninth- or tenth-century bronze figure of Tara from Kashmir.

Gallery Talk: 1pm: Come view our Incarnations of Devotion exhibition as gallery owner Sanjay Kapoor provides an overview of the fine Indian miniature paintings in the exhibition as well as a discussion of the carefully curated selection of artworks from India, Nepal, Tibet and Southeast Asia.

Miyako Yoshinaga Gallery, 24 East 64 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
The “Aged Innocence” series emerged from the NY-based artist’s photo journeys across China, his homeland, between 2013 and 2017. He created a massive image archive in response to the dramatic socio-economic changes he witnessed. The exhibition features over 50 personal images of the historically and culturally complex locales and their inhabitants in the format of small prints and large collages.

Gallery Talk: 2pm & 4pm: Please join us for an informal artist talk by Hai Zhang who will walk you through his current solo exhibition, exploring the concept of memory and practices behind his work. Please feel free to ask him questions.

Thomsen Gallery, 9 East 63 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
Nature in Ink: Landscape paintings by Minol Araki

Gallery Talk: 11am, 2pm & 4pm: Life and work of Minol Araki (1928-2010), a Japanese artist who painted for pleasure in the Asian literati tradition while being a successful industrial designer.

Asia Week New York Zooms in on The Luxurious Garden and the Gratification of Retreat
Thursday, October 28, 5:00 p.m. EST

October 15, 2021

Portland Japanese Garden (Courtesy Portland Japanese Garden)

For centuries people have looked to nature and gardens to provide emotional support, a place to gather to mark important events in their lives, or as an escape from the finite walls of their homes. In The Luxurious Garden and the Gratification of Retreat, a distinguished panel of eminently qualified experts will discuss the origins of these luxurious spaces–designed in the Japanese and Chinese tradition–and their impact on visitors throughout the ages.

“Who at one time or another hasn’t sought out a garden to provide something that enhances their lives?” asks Andrew Lueck, Specialist, Vice President, Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art at Christie’s, who will moderate the discussion. “Whether it’s a tranquil setting at a museum, such as The Astor Court at The Met; the rolling hills of the Huntington Gardens; the waterfall at the Portland Japanese Garden; a private residential refuge; or in their absence, an evocative Japanese woodblock print of a Zen garden, outdoor settings have been providing us with areas of welcome refuge and retreat for centuries.”

Liu Fang Yuan, the Garden of Flowing Fragrance, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens, San Marino, CA
Photograph by Phillip E. Bloom, November 2020

The panel includes:

Phillip E. Bloom, the June and Simon K.C. Li Curator of the Chinese Garden and Director of the Center for East Asian Garden Studies at The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens in San Marino, CA. A specialist in the history of Buddhist art, gardens, and designed landscapes of China's Song dynasty (960–1279), he received his Ph.D. in Chinese art history from Harvard University in 2013. Prior to joining The Huntington, he served as assistant professor of East Asian art history at Indiana University, Bloomington, and completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Tokyo. His exhibition, A Garden of Words: The Calligraphy of Liu Fang Yuan, is currently on display at The Huntington.

Maxwell K. (Mike) Hearn, Douglas Dillon Chairman, Department of Asian Art, began working at the Metropolitan Museum in 1971, helping oversee the expansion of the Met’s collection of Chinese art as well as major additions to its exhibition spaces, including the Astor Chinese Garden Court, the Douglas Dillon Galleries, and the renovated and expanded galleries for Chinese painting and calligraphy. He has worked on over 50 exhibitions and authored or contributed to numerous catalogues many of which have become essential resources for the study of Chinese art including The Great Bronze Age of China (1980), Splendors of Imperial China: Treasures from the National Palace Museum, Taipei (1996), Along the Riverbank: Chinese Paintings from the C. C. Wang Family Collection (1999), How to Read Chinese Paintings (2008) and Ink Art: Past as Present in Contemporary China (2013). Mike, who received his undergraduate degree in art history from Yale University and his Ph.D. from Princeton, has taught graduate and undergraduate seminars on Chinese painting at Yale, Princeton, Columbia, and the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University. In 2014 he was elected a Fellow in the American Academy of Arts and Sciences.

Marc Peter Keane is a landscape architect, artist and writer based in Kyoto, Japan. His work is deeply informed by Japanese aesthetics and design: simplicity, serendipity, off-balance balance, and natural patinas. Working in situations as diverse as a 350-year-old house in Japan and a contemporary museum in the United States, he designs singular gardens that are both beautiful and contemplative. Keane is also known for his ceramic sculptures and his many books on Japanese gardens and nature including, Japanese Garden Notes, Japanese Tea Gardens, and The Art of Setting Stones.

Andrew M. Lueck has worked in the Asian art auction business for nearly two decades. He is a Specialist, Vice President, in Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art at Christie’s. He resides near San Francisco and works with West Coast collectors and institutions as well as others throughout the country and globe. He has been responsible for bringing to market notable fine Chinese works of art for sale in New York as well as Hong Kong and advises and works with some of the country’s top collectors and institutions.

Since 1999, Katherine Martin has served as the Managing Director of Scholten Japanese Art, one of New York’s preeminent galleries specializing in traditional and contemporary Japanese prints. Prior to her role as managing director, she was a specialist in the Japanese Department at Sotheby's New York, from 1993 to 1999. During her tenure, Ms. Martin was the primary contact for the sale of the Donna and the Late Arthur Levis Collection of Yoshitoshi Woodblock Prints and the New York representative for the London auction of Highly Important Japanese Prints from the Henri Vever Collection. She was also the specialist responsible for the series of auctions of inro, netsuke, and works of art from the Collection of the Late Charles A. Greenfield. Ms. Martin has written several catalogs published by Scholten Japanese Art, including the ongoing series focused on woodblock prints, Highlights of Japanese Printmaking, for which the most recent volume, Part Five-YOSHITOSHI, was released in March 2017. She recently concluded her two-year term as the chairman of Asia Week New York.

Sadafumi (Sada) Uchiyama served as Garden Curator for 2008-2020 and is currently the Chief Curator at the Portland Japanese Garden. Sada is a registered landscape architect and a fourth-generation Japanese gardener from southern Japan. He is devoted to fostering relations between Japanese gardens in Japan and those outside of Japan. He has taught landscape design courses and lectured on Japanese gardening at colleges and public gardens through the United States and Japan. His representative projects include the renovation of the Osaka Garden, the site of the 1893 Great Columbian Exposition at Jackson Park in Chicago, Japanese gardens at the Denver Botanic Gardens, Duke University in NC, and Wellfield Botanic Garden in Indiana.

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Online Event - Asia Society 2021 Arts & Museum Summit: Reimagining Museum Narratives in the 21st Century

October 15, 2021

Nov 17—19, 2021, Online

Early bird registration is now live! Register before October 18 to save $50 USD and attend the summit at the early bird price of $150 USD. Starting October 18, the registration rate is $200 USD. Registration includes access to all summit events and an electronic copy of the 2021 Arts & Museum Summit publication, Reimagining Museum Narratives in the 21st Century, a compendium of essays by featured speakers expounding on the topics covered across the summit.

Join us from November 17–19, 2021 for a dynamic convening of curators, artists, and museum and arts professionals—online!

The 2021 Arts & Museum Summit will feature presentations, panel discussions, and workshops by leading arts professionals from the Asia Pacific region and beyond.

About the Asia Society Arts & Museum Summit
The 2021 Summit, Reimagining Museum Narratives in the 21st Century, will focus on issues relating to decolonization in the arts. Some of the topics to be explored include decolonizing curatorial practices, re-negotiating art historical narratives, and deconstructing the legacies of regional colonial histories. Explore the agenda and speakers here. Please note the agenda is subject to change.

The biennial Asia Society Arts & Museum Summit brings together arts and museum professionals from around the world to discuss timely issues across the field. The Summit is intended to identify and navigate the challenges and opportunities within the evolving arts ecologies across Asia and its diaspora, and engenders professional networks and collaborative exchange amongst arts professionals internationally.

This program is made possible with support from the Getty Foundation and the Terra Foundation for American Art through the Elizabeth Glassman Fund for International Museum Partnerships.

Current Exhibitions - Miyako Yoshinaga

October 14, 2021

Hai Zhang American, b. 1976, Wuhan, Hubei Province, 2013, Archival pigment print on fiber paper, 28 x 18 in, 71.1 x 45.7 cm

Hai Zhang: Aged Innocence
September 17-November 20, 2021

Between 2013 and 2017, Hai Zhang frequently returned to his homeland China on his job assignment as a photographer. By then, the economic prosperity in the big cities was visibly affecting the lives in small towns and remote areas. The unprecedented changes before his eyes as a cultural insider urged him to capture tens of thousands of black-and-white and color images that exemplify the historically and culturally complex locales and their inhabitants. The exhibition features a selection from this massive photo archive in the format of small prints and large collages.

see more images

Current Exhibitions - Dai Ichi Arts, Ltd.

October 14, 2021

Shino Water Jar 志野水指, Shino Stoneware, H8" x W7.6" x D7.5";H20.3 x W19.3 x D19: Lid dimensions H1.2" x W5.4" x D5.1";H3 x W13.7 x D12.9 cm, With Signed Wood Box

Dai Ichi Arts is delighted to present their October special exhibition: “Refining Water: Mizusashi & the Art of the Japanese Tea Ceremony,” bringing focus to the elegant interpretations of Modern & Contemporary ceramicists who re-envision the Mizusashi, or water jar, form. This exhibition will spotlight the importance of the water jar in the context of the Japanese tea ceremony, featuring works by Nakamura Takuo, Higashida Shigemasa, Ueba Kasumi, Suzuki Goro, & many more. Stay tuned for weekly features and exciting new arrivals this October!

Click here for more information.


Fall 2021 exhibitions - Kaikodo: An Autumn Excursion

October 13, 2021

Aoki Shukuya (1737-1802), The Red Cliff after Wen Zhengming (detail)

The exhibition begins with a selection of Japanese paintings inspired by our particular fascination with an 18th-century painting by the Japanese artist Aoki Shukuya. Shukuya created his “Red Cliff'' after a painting of the subject by one of China’s most celebrated Ming literati painters, Wen Zhengming. Wen’s painting had been inspired by an iconic prose-poem written by the peerless Su Shi of the Northern Song in which Su recounts an autumn boating excursion to a historic Han dynasty site on the Yangzi River.

Not only was Shukuya’s painting a perfect confluence of forces and forms across time and space, deeply meaningful in our field, but it also suggested a perfect way for us to reflect on autumn, with further Japanese works celebrating the season. The Chinese paintings are all from the Ming dynasty, honoring Wen’s role, whereas the works of art were chosen to spark and provide interest and enjoyment. At a time when we would like to travel more than we are able, we are grateful for the artists who invite us on this autumn excursion through their works and the wider world of our imaginations.

To view the exhibition click here

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