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Ippodo Gallery is Pleased to Announce Ken Matsubara’s Work at the Minneapolis Institute of Art

September 6, 2023

Ken Matsubara (Japanese, born 1948), Chaos, 1983, two six-panel folding screens (diptych), ink and color on paper, installation view in Ippodo Gallery New York in March 2022

Minneapolis Institute of Art
Chaos: Ken Matsubara Buddhist Masterwork
September 2, 2023 – March 10, 2024

The Minneapolis Institute of Art brings to its Bell Family Decorative Arts Court a seven-month free exhibition which features contemporary artist Ken Matsubara in the context of Buddhist themes in Japanese painting. This special highlighting of Matsubara's Chaos, created in 1983 during the artist's late twenties, is paired with the legendary Taima Mandala from the 14th century. Despite 600 years of distance between the two masterworks, a timeless Buddhist teaching is revealed as audiences traverse the niga byakudōzu—'White Road between Two Rivers'—out from chaos and into the nirvanic Pure Land shown in the mandala.

Ken Matsubara introduces auditory symbols that evoke the sounds of singing bowls, and motifs derived from the Buddhist tales he learned during his formative years copying artworks at the temple complex near his hometown. Chaos is Matsubara's revelation in which he assembles a scene expressing the suffering of life and path to enlightenment using the techniques in western abstraction he developed under the painter Sankō Inoue during his formal training.

Ippodo Gallery has been representing Ken Matsubara in the USA since 2016 and continues to advocate his masterpieces for admirers worldwide. To celebrate his remarkable career, the gallery will present several works in different styles at their Upper Eastside Gallery and will feature his newest, magnificent byobu screens during Asia Week in March 2024.

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Asia Week New York Begins Autumn 2023 with a Special Webinar: The Celestial City: Newport and China

September 5, 2023

Canton Harbor Scene, attributed to Yeuqua (Chinese active 1850-1885), Courtesy of Preservation Society of Newport County

The Celestial City: Newport and China
Zoom Webinar, Tuesday, September 12 at 5pm EST

China and the American colonies and later the United States have enjoyed centuries of trade, much of it originating from Newport, Rhode Island spectacularly featured in Julian Fellowes HBO hit series, "The Gilded Age."

Join AWNY for a fascinating Zoom webinar in cooperation with the Preservation Society of Newport County about the just opened exhibition, The Celestial City: Newport and China, on view at Rosecliff, the recently restored Gilded Age Mansion and setting for the exhibition from September 1–February 11, 2024. Over a hundred works of art, paintings, sculpture, ceramics, and photographs and other treasures collected by Newport merchants and industrialists are exhibited. These are accompanied by photographs and stories from members of the less well-known early Chinese community of Newport and writings, portraits and family heirlooms of Chinese women suffragists who inspired American women’s rights leaders including Alma Vanderbilt Belmont of Marble House.

Dr. Nicole Williams, Curator of Collections at The Preservation Society of Newport County

Dr. Bing Huang, Assistant Professor of Art History at Providence College, Rhode Island

Lark Mason, Jr., founder of iGavel Auctions, Emeritus President of the Appraisers Association of America and former Chairman, Asia Week New York

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Participant’s Biographies:

Dr. Nicole Williams, the Curator of Collections at The Preservation Society of Newport County
Dr. Nicole Williams earned her BA from Harvard College and her PhD from Yale University in the History of Art with a specialization in American art. Her work as a scholar and curator focuses on the global contexts for nineteenth-century American art, women's histories, intersections between art and the law, and practices and theories of craft in an age of industry. Her research has been published in museum catalogues and scholarly journals, including Woman’s Art Journal, The Journal of Modern Craft, Nineteenth Century Art Worldwide, Photography and Culture, and Panorama: Journal of the Association of Historians of American Art.

Dr. Bing Huang, Assistant Professor of Art History at Providence College, Rhode Island
Dr. Bing Huang earned her PhD from the History of Art and Architecture department at Harvard University. Her research interests are broad and interdisciplinary, encompassing the confluence of Chinese and European artistic influences, the intricacies of Han Dynasty tombs and architecture, Buddhist art, and the evolving landscape of media and advanced technologies, including Virtual Reality (VR) and AI generative art. Her essays have appeared in scholarly journals including Studies in Chinese Religions, Women's History Review, and Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering.

Lark Mason, Jr., Moderator
Lark Mason, Jr. founded the iGavel Auctions platform in 2003. Prior to that he served as Sotheby’s General Appraiser from 1979 until 1985, and as a Senior Vice President and specialist in Chinese art with Sotheby's Chinese Works of Art Department from 1985-2003. From 2000-2003 he concurrently was a Director of Online Auctions for Sothebys.com. He also served as a consulting curator at the Trammell and Margaret Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas, Texas from 2003-2009. As a generalist in American and European works of art and paintings, as well as an expert in the field of Chinese art, he has valued and advised many private collectors and institutions.

His eponymous Lark Mason Associates regularly hosts auctions on iGavel Auctions and has an established history of record sales of Chinese and other works of art and holds the record for the highest price achieved for any work of art in an online sale, for a painting sold in May 2014 that realized close to $4.2m. Mason is noted for his regular appearances on "The Antiques Road Show.”

New Arrivals at Dai Ichi Arts

September 4, 2023

Nagae Shigekazu 長江重和, Shape of Earth: Rat Zodiac incense box 戊子のかたち, with Signed Wood Box, Porcelain, Dia2.8"xH2.1";  Shape of Earth: Ox Zodiac incense box 己丑のかたち, with Signed Wood Box, Porcelain, Dia3.5"xH3.2"; Shape of Metal: Tiger Zodiac incense box 庚寅のかたち, with Signed Wood Box, Porcelain, Dia3.2"xH3.2"

Dai Ichi Arts is pleased to spotlight several new arrivals in the gallery, including a group of works by Nagae Shigekazu 長江重和. The above trio of incense containers are abstract interpretations of the cardinal three animals of the Zodiac: the Rat, Ox and Tiger. They have delicately textured surfaces of Nagae's signature white porcelain, and brilliant aqua blue pools of celadon glaze, showing their mythos.

One imagines the river that the animals crossed in their Zodiac race that placed them in their order: The Ox and Tiger, submerged in the pool of waters, swam across the river, while the Rat sat cleverly on the Ox's head, recognizing that the river would wash his small body away. Nagae renders this nostalgic Zodiac story modern. He is both technically brilliant, and has a great sensibility for the art of geometric abstraction, considering subject and object carefully.

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Asia Week New York Announces Autumn 2023

September 1, 2023

Fujikasa Satoko (b. 1980), Swirling, Hand-built Sculptural Form Evocative of Stormy Winds, 2023, stoneware with white slip glaze, 27 x 32 7/8 x 19 7/8 in., photo by Richard Goodbody, courtesy of Joan B Mirviss LTD

Asia Week New York is enthusiastically planning for Autumn 2023, which will take place from September 14-22. During that time, we will offer our extremely popular Online Exhibition featuring highlights from our members’ current shows. Twenty top Asian art galleries and 6 auction houses are participating this year in-person and online. Asia Week New York will keep you informed with information about all our members’ gallery openings, exhibitions, and lectures with announcements leading up to Autumn 2023 and Daily Digest emails to help you keep track of all the art you want to see and events you don’t want to miss.

Visit Songtsam Linka Bome—a Year-Round Retreat

August 31, 2023

View of Guxiang Lake from Songtsam Linka Bome surrounded by snow mountains and forests

Located in the Linzhi Area of Tibet, the Songtsam Linka Bome benefits from year-round idyllic weather comprised of warm winters and cool summers. Known as the “Switzerland of Tibet,” Bome lies at the intersection of the Purlung Tsangpo and Yigung Tsangpo rivers in the neighbouring area between the Himalaya and Nyenchen Tanglha mountain range of east Tibet. This area features snow-capped mountains, primeval forests, stunning rivers, holy lakes, and splendid glaciers.

Linka Bome Room

Each of the 32 rooms displays a unique combination of modern and traditional Tibetan aesthetics and has wonderful views of the surrounding mountains. They are elegantly decorated with wooden floors, handmade wooden furniture, and handcrafted copperware, which create a cozy and pleasant atmosphere.


The hotel was built to be in harmony with its surroundings, and the design of the building complex resembles a small village that is integrated into the mountain forest. The area boasts over 300 species of fauna and flora, such as spruce and fir trees and has more than 200,000 peach trees, which can be seen on riverbanks and roadsides, in villages, mountains, fields, and valleys. Regardless of when you visit, this incredibly picturesque location will always showcase its beauty across all four of its seasons.

For more information about Songtsam visit: www.songtsam.com/en/about

Last Days to View Exhibitions at Korean Cultural Center NY and Fu Qiumeng Fine Art

August 30, 2023

Presented by Gallery Korea at the Korean Cultural Center New York

Korean Cultural Center NY
Story of a Thousand Years: Master of Goryeo Celadon
Master Se-Yong Kim and Dr. Dohun Kim

Closing Thursday, August 31

In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the ROK-U.S. Alliance, this special ceramic exhibition showcases the extraordinary works of renowned artist Master Se-Yong Kim, who carries on the tradition of Goryeo Celadon with his son, Dr. Dohun Kim. Featuring over 50 works, one of the highlights is the largest Celadon vase ever created, standing at an impressive height of 42 inches. This monumental piece took over a decade to complete, and its display provides a profound and meaningful experience for all who visit.

To learn more, click here.

Zhang Xiaoli
Zhang Xiaoli, Water 水图, 2023, ink on silk, 13 3/4 x 17 3/4 in.

Fu Qiumeng Fine Art
A Hint of Coolness
Closing Saturday, September 2

This group exhibition draws inspiration from a recurring theme in traditional Chinese poetry that celebrates the pleasure of experiencing coolness during the scorching summer months.

The show features a carefully selected array of works by celebrated artists such as Arnold Chang, Michael Cherney, Chen Duxi, Fung Ming Chip, Tai Xiangzhou, Tang Ke, C.C.Wang, Wang Mansheng, Yau Wing Fung, and Zhang Xiaoli. These works capture the serene beauty of mountain sunsets, the tranquil stillness of nightfall, the harmonious blend of water and sky, the foreboding allure of an impending storm, the nostalgic loneliness of ancient times, and the refreshing sweetness of fruit. Through these varied perspectives, viewers are offered a refreshing, sensory experience that is both unexpected and unique.

The gallery invites everyone to join them in their garden to discuss and appreciate the paintings and immerse yourself in the refreshing, restorative beauty of A Hint of Coolness.

To learn more, click here.

The Celestial City: Newport and China Opens Soon at Rosecliff in Newport

August 29, 2023

Canton Harbor Scene, attributed to Yeuqua (Chinese active 1850-1885)

The Preservation Society of Newport County – Rosecliff
The Celestial City: Newport and China
September 1, 2023 – February 11, 2024

548 Bellevue Ave
Newport, RI 02840

Since Newport’s beginnings as a colonial seaport, generations of its citizens have looked to China for knowledge, beauty, fortune and freedom. In turn, many different people of Chinese heritage, including artists, merchants, immigrant entrepreneurs and women suffragists, shaped all aspects of life in Newport. Their stories are at the heart of this exhibition.

The Celestial City explores China’s deep influence on Newport from the 18th century through the Gilded Age (1865-1915), when the city emerged as America’s premier summer playground and the fall of China’s last imperial dynasty transformed the ancient nation.

The extraordinary objects on display include more than 100 works from the Preservation Society’s collection and other institutions in a range of media, from paintings, sculptures, prints and photographs to fashion, ceramics, lacquerwares and lanterns.

Highlights include treasures of Chinese art collected by Newport merchants and industrialists; photographs and stories from Newport’s early Chinese community; and the writings, portraits and family heirlooms of Chinese women suffragists. Contemporary artworks by Yu-Wen Wu and Jennifer Ling Datchuk illuminate Chinese contributions to Newport as well as hidden connections between the Newport mansions and the Chinese-American experience.

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Akar Prakar Opens New Group Show this Week

August 28, 2023

Akar Prakar
It’s Personal!
August 29 – September 27, 2023
Opening Reception: Tuesday, August 29, 6–8 PM

D-43, First Floor
Defence Colony, New Delhi

Akar Prakar is excited to announce the opening of their next exhibition, It's Personal!, a group show curated by Siddhi Shailendra. Artists include Arhant Shrestha, Debasish Mukherjee, Kaldi Moss, Manir Mrittik, Naghmeh Abbasi, Siavash Yazdanmehr, and Zoya Siddiqui.

For more information, click here.

Japanese Art Society of America's Online and In-Person Talk

August 25, 2023

The first female Japanese study-abroad students to the U.S. sponsored by the Meiji Government

Meiji Modern: What Women’s Education Means Then and Now
Sunday, August 27 at 7PM EDT (Monday, August 28 at 9:15AM Toyko Time)
International House of Japan
5-11-16 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

In recognition and celebration of the Japanese Art Society of America’s upcoming exhibition Meiji Modern: Fifty Years of New Japan opening at Asia Society New York on October 3, 2023, this panel discussion explores the significance of education, in particular women’s education and modernization, by a panel of experts.

Japan took its steps to modernization 150 years ago. What was achieved then, and how is it still relevant today? The significance of education will be discussed by Dr. Carol Gluck, George Sansom Professor of History, Columbia University; Dr. Junko Hibiya, Former President of International Christian University; and Dr. Nick Honma of Digital Museum of Japanese History in New York. The program will be moderated by Claire Chino, Asia Society Japan Founding Member.

This event will be conducted online and in-person and registration is required. Online participation is open to the public and free. In-person participation is for Asia Society members and guests only.

For more information, click here.

Arts of Asia Lecture Series at the Asian Art Museum

August 24, 2023

Samsung Hall, Asian Art Museum

A Curious Affair – Toward an Understanding of Art and Globalization
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco - Samsung Hall
Friday, August 25, 2023
10:30 AM

As an industrialized world grew more connected, how did Asian countries respond? Humans have always been curious about the cultures of faraway lands, and precious trade objects have offered a window into the lives of their makers. Advances in maritime technology at the beginning of the 15th century led to a veritable explosion of material and information exchange between distant nations. Christian Jesuit priests traveled to all parts of Asia, leaving behind visible legacies; at the same time, China emerged as the springboard for ideas and cultures that spread throughout Asia and beyond, while the Ottoman empire created artwork reflecting its globally intermediary position.

At the dawn of the 20th century, countries debated the meaning of national identities and modern society. Meanwhile, European military power and colonial policies drastically altered the course of history. As their world changed, how did Asian countries react?

Join Forrest McGill, the Wattis Curator of South and Southeast Asian Art, as he kicks off this lecture series with a discussion on the art and ideas that resulted from these interactions, conflicts, and exchanges.

Tickets for talks in this series are available at the door.

For more information, click here.

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