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Discover Songtsam Lodge Benzilan (Sponsor Post)

June 10, 2020

Songtsam is Asia Week New York's 2020 Presenting Sponsor. Learn more about another one of their stunning properties below!

Nestled in an intimate green valley by the Yangtze River, Songtsam Lodge Benzilan features spacious guest rooms, all decorated in a modern Sino-Tibetan style. The lodge is surrounded by authentic white-walled Tibetan homes and has views of a small prayer house that rests atop a hill. It takes only 10 minutes from the busy little town of Benzilan to reach this hidden valley seemingly removed from the outside world. Some of the exquisite antique carpets and furniture displayed in the different Songtsam lodges were collected from the villages in this area; and that’s how founder Pema Dorjee found this secret location.

Destinations & Activities
At an altitude of 2,000 metres, Benzilan stands on a narrow strip of land on the right bank of the Upper Yangzte River, tucked between the water and the sharply rising hills. As the altitude falls by more than 1,000 metres, the temperature rises, and travellers now arrive at another Shangri-La rich in blooming flowers and flourishing tress. Some of the region’s most delicious fruit is grown here, including juicy grapes and watermelons during the summer, and mouth-watering tangerines in Autumn.

The little town of Benzilan was once one of the most important stops of the Ancient Tea Horse Road. Although the glory of the once charming trading post has gone, fortunately the surrounding countryside remains intact; traditional handicraft methods have survived commercial mass-production, leaving a glance into the history of this famous trading road. Dotted with farms, small temples and some of the most pristine Tibetan villages, the countryside here is an ideal place to experience tranquil village life, and appreciate well-preserved local culture and traditions. A short hike leads to more pristine Tibetan villages and original forests in the mountains with stunning views of the lush, deep Yangtze River gorge – a journey of true discovery.

Dongzhulin Monastery sits forty minutes away from Benzilan on the way to Tibet. Although not as popular amongst tourists, it is a significant destination for the local Tibetans. The monastery has several “living” Buddhas and each year the Mask Dancing Ceremony attracts thousands of followers. It was built in 1667, before Shangri-La’s Songzanlin Monastery, and at one time housed treasures, which rivaled those of Lhasa’s Potala Palace. Unfortunately, the monastery was badly damaged during the Cultural Revolution and the current structure was restored in 1987.

Experience the Sunrise at Songtsam Lodge Meili (Sponsor Post)

May 13, 2020

Songtsam is Asia Week New York's 2020 Presenting Sponsor. Learn more about another one of their stunning properties below!

Every year Tibetans and travellers from all over the world make their journey to worship Mt. Kawagebo, the major peak of the Meili Snow Mountain range and one of the holiest mountains in the larger Tibetan region. Songtsam Lodge Meili was built in an unspoilt village away from the main tourist area overlooking the majestic snow mountains. A highlight is waking up and experiencing the morning sunrise. First golden sunlight shines over Mt. Kawagebo and then spreads quickly over the 13 peaks. Against the backdrop of the dark-blue sky, the sunrise is considered very holy and only lasts for a few minutes. Rooms are furnished with large comfortable beds, sofas, and timber flooring, providing a warm atmosphere that combines rustic charm with modern comforts. Most rooms also feature a cozy fireplace.

Destinations & Activities
The Meili Snow Mountain range is a sub range of the Hengduan Mountains, which run north to south, marking the boundary between Tibet and Yunnan province. It is remarkable for its impressive chain of glaciated peaks, rising more than 6,000 metres high, and during sunrise and sunset, the soft sunlight illuminates all thirteen peaks. As of today, none of the major peaks have been summited. Standing at 6,740 metres, the main peak, Kawagebo, is the first of the six most sacred mountains and over ten thousand pilgrims make the 240 kilometre trek circumnavigating the mountain each year.

The scenic drive from Shangri-La to Meili winds through lush temperature and alpine forests, crossing the Baima Mountain Pass at 3,292 metres. The Yangtze drainage area lies on one side of the pass and the Mekong on the other. On emerging from the pass onto a steep descending road, the Meili peaks soon appear in the distance. Baima Snow Reserve, a UNESCO designated world heritage sight, is one of the truly wild places left in China. Nearly all of the world’s species of rhododendron originate from this area. There are even a few spots where red pandas and snow leopards roam free.

Songtsam Lodge Rumei, a Remote Oasis (Sponsor Post)

April 13, 2020

Songtsam is Asia Week New York's 2020 Presenting Sponsor. Learn more about another one of their stunning lodges below!

When travelling the Songtsam Yunnan to Tibet route, Markham is the first stop and only way to enter Tibet from Yunnan. Nestled away in a valley, the lodge is located next to Zhuka Village in the north and vast farmland in the south. Guest rooms all face Lancang River, ensuring views of the natural stream outside and the green terraces nearby. The lodge embraces bright colours such as green, yellow, white, and peacock blue, mirroring the colours of the sky and surrounding snow-capped mountains, rivers, and fields.

Destinations & Activities
At an altitude of 2,600 metres, this remote oasis is situated at a point where the Songtsam Yunnan circuit, the Yunnan-Tiber route, and the western Sichuan road connect. This is the first resting place after passing Meili Snow Mountain on the banks of the Lancang River.

2020 Gallery Exhibitions: Who's Open When

March 10, 2020

While most gallery exhibitions are open for the entire run of Asia Week New York 2020, March 12-19, several will not be open every day. And a few will stay open past March 19! Use this handy graph to plan your visits. The graph is included in the printed copy of the Asia Week New York 2020 guide, but you can also download it here.

Preserving Tibetan Cultural Heritage at Songtsam Lodge Laigu (Sponsor Post)

March 10, 2020

Songtsam is Asia Week New York's 2020 Presenting Sponsor. Learn more about another one of their stunning retreats below!

The Laigu lodge is Songtsam’s highest property and is one of the most unique heritage hotels to be found in the world (it was the Winner for best Architectural Design by Heritage Architecture and received The Architecture MasterPrize 2019). With the prime consideration given to the preservation of natural and Tibetan cultural heritage, the building was designed with modular prefabrication and embedded under a high cliff hidden from sight. The project pays special attention to environmental sustainability in tectonic design and construction. Complete with twenty guest rooms, each one has a breathtaking view of Rawu Lake and the surrounding snow-capped mountains. The lodge is equipped with state of art oxygen concentrator technology to achieve a 24-hour closed oxygen supply. The floor heating is imported from Denmark and the floor-to-ceiling triple-layered vacuum glass windows provide warmth and UV protection.

Destinations & Activities
At an elevation of 3,800 metres, Rawu Tso (Ranwu Lake) is the largest lake in eastern Tibet and to the west is one of the three largest glaciers in the world. Nearby there is an ancient village that inhabits a dozen families. This rural area is one of the word’s best-kept secrets and is nestled amongst glaciers, snow-capped mountains and lakes.

Opportunities and Perspectives in Collecting Asian Art: A Panel Discussion

February 21, 2020

Americans have a long tradition of collecting Asian art, and through their support have made our cultural institutions world leaders in the fields of Chinese, Japanese, Indian, and Himalayan art. With interest surging in these areas, it is most timely that Asia Week New York presented an important panel discussion entitled Opportunities and Perspectives in Collecting Asian Art at The Winter Show on Sunday, January 26th, 2020, at the Park Avenue Armory, in New York.

Matthew Welch, Deputy Director and Chief Curator, Minneapolis Institute of Art, moderated the panel of five prominent experts, who explored the current market dynamics and provided insights into the remarkable opportunities for collecting Asian art. The participants were:
•    Dessa Goddard, Vice President, Head, U.S. Asian Art Group, Bonhams
•    Jeffrey Horvitz, collector and museum patron
•    James J. Lally, gallery owner, J.J. Lally & Co. and Chinese art specialist
•    Joan B. Mirviss, gallery owner and Japanese art specialist
•    Christina Yu Yu, Matsutaro Shoriki Chair, Art of Asia, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston


Keeping Traditions Alive at Songtsam Linka Lijiang (Sponsor Post)

February 11, 2020

Songtsam is Asia Week New York's 2020 Presenting Sponsor. Learn more about another one of their stunning retreats below!

Instead of the touristic and commercialised old town of Lijiang, Songtsam's Linka Lijiang retreat is located at a nearby small Naxi-ethnic village named Ciman, where the traditional way of living still thrives. Surrounded by pinewoods and a pear garden, Songtsam Linka Lijiang offers spectacular views of the old town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and Lashi Lake. The hotel’s design is grand in appearance and has an interior layout in the style of a Naxi courtyard that is decorated with exquisite Hui-style stone sculptures. The property also exhibits a unique combination of Naxi-Dongba, Chinese-Hantang, and Tibetan influenced art. 

Destinations & Activities
Lijiang is a prefecture-level city with an elevation of 2,400m in northwest Yunnan, China. It is in a region where the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau and Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau converge. This unique geographic location significantly influences its major inhabitants, the Naxi people, on every aspect of their lives from local politics, customs, and beliefs, to art, architecture, and cuisine. The people of the area absorb the cultural characteristics of Han-Chinese and Tibetans, but at the same time are firmly rooted in their own Dongba origins and traditions. The old town of Lijiang is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is one of the last surviving ancient towns in China.

Finding Peace at Songtsam Linka Shangri-La
 (Sponsor Post)

January 30, 2020

We're back with another post featuring Songtsam, the Presenting Sponsor of Asia Week New York 2020. This month we travel to their property in Shangri-La...

Hidden in the city’s peaceful and green valleys between Tibetan villages and Himalayan barley fields, Songtsam's Linka Shangri-La retreat faces the back of Songzanlin Monastery which can be seen across the meadow and is located only a short distance away. Tibetan-style rooms, dining facilities, spa, and other modern amenities are housed in lovingly hand-built stone structures spread over 21 acres of hillside surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Destinations & Activities
Shangri-La is a county-level city at an elevation of 3,200 metres in northwest Yunnan province, China. It has been long viewed as a paradise on earth with its majestic landscapes, diverse cultures, and deep spirituality. Located in a wide valley, Shangri-La is surrounded by mountain ranges on all four sides. It is the capital of the Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, and the gateway to the ancient Tibetan kingdom. The region is characterised by snow-capped mountain peaks, pristine forests and lakes, as well as traditional Tibetan villages with white-walled and richly decorated buildings. There are many beautiful hiking routes to explore the mountains, lakes, and idyllic villages and pastures.

Enlightenment at Songtsam Linka Lhasa (Sponsor Post)

December 20, 2019

Built on the edge of an old park, Songtsam Linka Lhasa offers spectacular views of the nearby Potala Palace located only 5 kilometers away. From the hotel’s slaked lime coloured walls to the indigo carved windows and fish-fin shaped facade, all of these architectural details pay great respect to traditional artisans, Tibetan culture, and ancient wisdom. The interior design is inspired and derived from the lifestyle of Lhasa natives; stylistically decorated with exquisite Thangka paintings and wall tapestries to revive an environment typical of noble families living centuries ago. The Songtsam retreat hosts 50 rooms, all of which exhibit a unique combination of modern and traditional Tibetan aesthetics that are elegantly decorated with wooden floors, wall tapestries, and handcrafted copperware. Each room is also fully equipped with oxygen concentrators to relieve AMS and ensure good rest. 

Destinations & Activities

Lhasa is the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region and is located at an altitude of 3,650 metres, making it one of the highest cities in the world. Due to its highland temperate and semi-arid monsoon climate, it is known as the 'Sunshine City' receiving nearly 3,000 hours of sunlight each year. The city’s name literally translates to the "Place of the Gods" and has been the cultural, economic, political, and religious centre of Tibet since ancient times. Home to the Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, and the Drepung and Sera monasteries, it is the most representative "holy land" in the world because of its depth of history and strong cultural heritage. It is said that if you have not been to Lhasa, you will never know the history and essence of Tibetan culture. It is a city of mystical wonder and hidden beauty, attracting people from every corner of the world to visit, live, study, make a pilgrimage, and most of all, to be enlightened.

Asia Week New York 2020 Roster (In Progress)

September 18, 2019

Preparations are already underway for our 2020 edition, taking place March 12–19+. Here is a sampling of our 2020 dealers!


Abe Motoshi
Deep Mountains, 2000
madake bamboo, rattan
8.75 x 11.5 x 11.5 in.


(Second painting on the right in the Secret Biography of the 7th Dalai Lama)
18th century,  66h × 44w cm
Opaque watercolor on cloth


Kitagawa Utamaro (1753-1806)
Morning Party at the Temporary Lodgings of the Pleasure Quarters
ca. 1800
woodblock printed triptych 29 1/2 by 14 3/4 in., 74.8 by 37.5 cm


Anonymous Chinese 無款中國
(13th century)
“Three Sparrows on Blossoming Plum” 
Fan painting, ink and color on silk
27.8 x 20.3 cm. (11 x 8 in.)
Collectors seals: Chenpu yin; Zhenzhai


Suzuki Osamu (Kura) (b. 1934)
Large lobed shino-glazed vessel with undulating mouth rim and faceted exterior
ca. 1995
shino-glazed stoneware
11 x 11 1/4 in
Photo by Richard Goodbody. Image courtesy of Joan B Mirviss LTD


Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279)
Diameter 7 1/16 inches (18 cm)


An illustration from a costume album:
A youth in a hammam smoking a pipe
Ottoman Empire, probably Constantinople
First half of the eighteenth century


Very Rare Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Rouleau Vase,
Kangxi period, ca: late 17th century
Decorated with reserves of the famed Eight Scholars of the Wine Cup.
Height: 21 inches (53.5 cm)


A full face russet iron samurai amour’s mask
Signed and dated: Haruta Fujiwara Nobushige, 1854


Standing Amida, the Edo period, 68 cm (height, figure only)


GO Hee-Dong 고희동 1886-1965
Autumn Landscape, 1956
ink and color on paper
16 1/8 x 26 in (41 x 66 cm)


Mask depicting a hero, possibly Prince Panji
Cirebon Court, Java
Wood, pigment, gilt
19th to early 20th century
6.75 in / 17 cm

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