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Mark Your Calendar for Asia Week New York March 2023

October 21, 2022

Kamiya Kokei (1904-active 1941), Girl and Parrot, 1927, hanging scroll, ink, mineral pigments, and crushed shell on silk, 96 x 47¾ in. Courtesy of Erik Thomsen

Now is the time to make plans to come to New York for Asia Week New York 2023—March 16-24! You will once again have the chance to see a vast array of amazing Asian art. Not only will our member galleries feature spectacular works, but the auction houses will offer landmark collections. You can enjoy receptions, open houses, lectures, and other related events. Local museums will be holding great exhibitions.

AWNY Members Participate in Madison Avenue Fall Gallery Walk This Saturday

October 20, 2022

Madison Avenue Fall Gallery Walk
Saturday, October 22

This free event invites the public to visit participating galleries, view their fall exhibitions, and attend expert talks led by artists and curators on Madison Avenue & side streets from East 57 to East 86 St.

Community Event at Frick Madison – The temporary home of The Frick Collection, 945 Madison Avenue (74-75) (1pm-3pm)
The Frick invites you to sketch with us outdoors, in front of the museum on Madison Avenue at 75th Street. Drawing easels will be available on a first-come, first-served basis (weather permitting). This event is free; all materials will be provided, and no art background is needed. Tickets are required for museum entry.

Participating AWNY members:

41 East 57 Street, Suite 708 (Madison-Park) (11am-6pm)
This exhibition explores modernism in 20th century India – the selection presents vernaculars of abstraction and figuration that developed concurrently across art centers in India. Gallery Talk: 12pm & 4pm: Director’s talk – a brief introduction to Indian modern art accompanied by a gallery walkthrough.

Ippodo Gallery
32 East 67 Street (Madison-Park) (10am-6pm)
Susumu Shingu: Sculpting with Wind. Showcasing renowned kinetic sculptor Susumu Shingu’s latest work created specifically for New York including drawings, interior sculptures, and colorful abstract paintings.
Gallery Talk: 2pm, join us for a Gallery Talk with artist Susumu Shingu and Ippodo Gallery New York director Shoko Aono.

Kapoor Galleries
34 East 67 Street, Floor 3 (Madison-Park) (11am-6pm)
Bringing together some of the most rare and exquisite pieces of sculpture from India, Nepal, Tibet and ancient Gandhara, Divine Gestures: Channels of Enlightenment lies at the intersection of religious iconography and fine craftsmanship. This exhibit is an ode to the iconographic elements of a sculpture that bridge the tangible and intangible realms of art. Proof of Covid-19 vaccination required for admission.
Gallery Talks: 1pm & 3pm, join Sanjay Kapoor as he leads you through a brief tour of our exhibition.

Thomsen Gallery
9 East 63 Street (Madison-Fifth) (11am-6pm)
Japanese Lacquer Sculptures by Nobuyuki Tanaka and Porcelain Sculptures by Sueharu Fukami.
Gallery Talks: 11am, 2pm, 3pm and 4pm : We will discuss the techniques and materials used by the two renowned Japanese artists to make their large sculptures.

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Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch Ltd. Presents
Court Art of the Islamic and Indian World

October 20, 2022

Court Art of the Islamic and Indian World, Oliver Forge and Brendan Lynch Ltd.
October 20-28, 2022
Open daily 10am-5pm
Weekend opening 11am-5pm

A large Safavid silk velvet panel (detail), Persia, 1600-25 A.D., 165 x 31 cm. (65 x 12 ¼ in.)

For more highlights from the exhibition, click here
To view the exhibition catalogue, available online, click here


iGavel Displays Auction Highlights in New York

October 19, 2022

iGavel's showroom on East 120th Street in Manhattan.

iGavel now has available a special display of highlights in their Manhattan gallery at 227 East 120th Street, open by appointment Monday through Friday. Fine Asian works of art from the following current online auctions are featured:

Asian, Ancient, and Ethnographic Works of Art - Part I
October 6-25, 2022

Asian, Ancient, and Ethnographic Works of Art - Part II
October 11-27, 2022

Asian, Ancient, and Ethnographic Works of Art - Part III
October 20-November 3

Archaic Jades from the Sam and Myrna Myers Collection
Presented by Lark Mason Associates, online catalogue available

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The Ann and Gordon Getty Collection at Christie's New York

October 18, 2022

The Ann and Gordon Getty Collection, Christie's New York
Available now through October 24
The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection—a symphonic tour-de-force of masterpieces drawn from history’s most esteemed collections and from one of America’s most storied interiors—is now being sold at Christie’s New York in a series of landmark sales. Nearly 1,500 superlative works of decorative and fine arts will be offered by Christie’s from the couple’s San Francisco residence. Proceeds from the sales will benefit the Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation for the Arts, dedicated to the support of arts and science organizations.

The series of auctions that include Asian art are as follows:

The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection: Volume 4 | Chinese Works of Art, English and European Furniture and Decorative Arts, Day Sale
In-person auction, October 23, 10am EDT
Through dedication and a sharp eye, Ann Getty created complexly layered and beautifully refined interiors. Volume 4 of the series of sales includes Asian works of art and showcases the contents of the more intimate spaces of the couple's Pacific Heights home's principal suite, the library, and the upstairs bedrooms, including the inimitable Turkish Bedroom. Highlights include English and European Furniture, maps, and important Chinese Works of Art.

The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection: Chinese and Japanese Works
of Art and Textiles

Online sale now through October 24
This curated sale of Chinese and Japanese works of art draws upon the Getty’s fascination with the historical interplay of European and Asian cultures. Like the Silk Road that connected East and West, in the Gettys’ collection there is a through line of mutual exchange between objects that look both forward and back. This online auction features Chinese Export porcelain and mirrors, Chinese furniture, lacquer and textiles.

The Ann & Gordon Getty Collection: Indian, Ottoman, Global Works of Art, Jewelry and Textiles
Online sale now through October 24
"I love the hunt," Mrs. Getty once said, "and I especially love finding something exquisite, moving, rare, unexpected and rich with history." This intrepid spirit would take the Gettys across the world in search of rarities, and travel’s influence on their collecting habits cannot be overstated. Eighteenth Century world trade and travel would become a major theme in their Pacific Heights home with an emphasis on Indian and Ottoman textiles and decorations. Sale highlights also include selections from Mrs. Getty’s collection of Indian and Mughal jewelry.

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China Institute Offers Two Engaging Programs

October 17, 2022

Xu Beihong and Alexander Tcherepnin: A Chat on Crosscurrents of Music and Art in Early 20th Century China, China Institute
Online program, October 20, 7-8pm

Join conductor and scholar Jindong Cai and concert pianist and author Xu Fangfang, the daughter of legendary painter Xu Beihong, as they discuss two early 20th Century visionaries, composer Alexander Tcherepnin and artist Xu Beihong, who both sought throughout their lives to connect East and West through art and music, and simultaneously nurtured generations of artists who did the same.

Cai and Xu will tell stories to illuminate the program of the upcoming concert Journey to the East, taking place on October 22 in Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall, in honor of these two creative minds and their work. The first half of the concert will include the concert version of a rarely performed work, The Nymph and the Farmer, a 35-minute, one-act chamber opera based on an ancient Chinese folk tale by composer Alexander Tcherepnin. As Cai will explain, Tcherepnin taught at the Shanghai Conservatory in the 1930s and nurtured the early generation of Chinese composers, including Jiang Wenye, a composer who in 1964 wrote a piano concerto celebrating Xu Beihong’s work especially for Xu’s daughter Fangfang. The concerto was never performed before it was lost during the Cultural Revolution. However, one movement of the concerto was recently discovered, and will be performed for the first time by Xu Fangfang during Journey to the East. Join China Institute and hear the story of this work’s recovery and the meaning behind this piece celebrating the art and creative strength of modern China’s greatest painter.

Spatial Dunhuang: Experiencing the Mogao Caves
In-person event, October 25, 8pm

Constructed over a millennium from the fourth to fourteenth centuries CE near Dunhuang, an ancient border town along the Silk Road in northwest China, the Mogao Caves comprise the largest, most continuously created, and best-preserved treasure trove of Buddhist art in the world.

Join these distinguished art historian Wu Hung from University of Chicago and world art professor Shen Hsueh-man from New York University to re-discover the art of Dunhuang. Instead of tracing the caves’ unilinear history, the two speakers will share with the audience a novel way of examining Mogao Caves as physical and historical sites that can be approached, entered, and understood sensually, a perspective of space prioritizing the actual experiences of the people who built and used the caves.

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NMAA Hosts The Sasanians in Context Symposium

October 17, 2022

Plate, Iran, Sasanian period, 5th–7th century, silver and gilt, Purchase—Charles Lang Freer Endowment, Freer Gallery of Art, F1964.10

The Sasanians in Context: Art, History, and Archaeology
National Museum of Asian Art
Online and in-person symposium, October 21-22, 10am-5pm

Between the third and seventh centuries CE, the Sasanian Empire became one of the most dominant powers in the ancient world, extending geographically from Western to Central Asia. From monumental buildings and impressive rock reliefs to elaborately designed metal vessels and finely carved seals, these structures and objects provide a glimpse into the empire’s artistic diversity and its rich material culture. Recent scholarship has further expanded our knowledge of the Sasanian empire and has confirmed its enduring legacy beyond its geographic borders, long after the Arab conquest in the seventh century.

The Sasanians in Context: Art, History, and Archaeology gathers some of the most renowned national and international scholars to share their recent work on the Sasanians and their lasting artistic and historical contributions.

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Ippodo Gallery Opens Susumu Shingu: Sculpting with Wind

October 16, 2022

Susumu Shingu, Astral Forest, 2013, stainless steel, aluminum, polyester cloth

Susumu Shingu: Sculpting with Wind, Ippodo Gallery
October 20-December 29
Opening reception for the artist, Thursday, October 20, 5-8pm
Artist talk event, Saturday, October 22, 2pm

Ippodo Gallery presents the renowned kinetic-sculptor Susumu Shingu’s first solo exhibition in the United States. Sculpting with Wind will open October 20th and run through December 29th, 2022. Shingu’s large-scale public works are and have been continuously displayed around the world.

The artist’s large-scale permanent outdoor sculptures serve as a reminder of the constancy and immensity of the Earth’s natural forces – wind, water, light, and gravity – that affect our human bodies/lives. The artist’s elegantly engineered sculptures are durable yet never the same, responding to diverse environments. Shingu’s kinetic sculptures oppose the perception that the world around us is eternal or static; they visually and mentally activate a viewer’s sense of their individual relationship to nature.

Shingu’s wondrous churning objects explore how the environment shapes and creates behavior, and have made him a favorite of well-known architects, including Renzo Piano, Tadao Ando, and Enrique Norten. Ippodo Gallery will commemorate this exceptional showcase of drawings, interior sculptures, and colorful abstract paintings with an opening reception featuring the artist, who is visiting from Japan, on October 20th from 5-8 pm EST. This special exhibition will also feature several large-scale exterior proposals.

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Vidya Dehejia Delivers the Kipper Lecture at
the Art Institute of Chicago

October 15, 2022

Shiva as Lord of the Dance (Nataraja), Chola period, about 10th/11th century, Tamil Nadu, bronze

The Thief Who Stole My Heart: The Material Life of Sacred Bronzes from
Chola India, 855–1280
Art Institute of Chicago

In-person lecture, October 22, 2022, 6pm CDT

Join Vidya Dehejia, professor of Indian and South Asian Art at Columbia University, as she discusses her book, The Thief Who Stole My Heart: The Material Life of Sacred Bronzes from Chola India, 855–1280.

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Egenolf Gallery Features Ghost Stories

October 14, 2022

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (1839-1892), Mount Yoshino-Midnight Moon, from One Hundred Aspects of the Moon, 1886, woodblock print

In their current online exhibition, Ghost Stories: Yokai and Yurei in Ukiyo-e, even though summer is traditionally ghost story time in Japan, Egenolf Gallery thought October is the perfect time for a selection of scary stories and images here in the U.S. Supernatural beings inhabit Japanese folk tales the way that farmers inhabit the countryside; they have their roles to play and appear in many of Japan's most famous stories. Yokai and yurei are two categories given to these otherworldly visitors, and may include demons, ghosts and many other types of magical apparitions. Ghosts play leading roles in many kabuki dramas, and the ukiyo-e artists drew heavily from this wellspring of exciting characters.

To see the exhibition, click here.

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