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M. Sutherland Fine Arts, Ltd. (New York, NY)

Huang I-Ming
“The Changes of Mother Earth”
Ink on paper
98 x 92 cm

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TAI Modern (Santa Fe, NM)

Nagakura Kenichi
Ring of Water, 2016
madake bamboo, washi paper, mixed media
33 h x 35 x 14 in

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Erik Thomsen (New York, NY)

Yoshio Okada (b. 1977)
Box with Glittering Moon in the Night Sky
Dry-lacquer box with maki-e decor and inlays of gold foil and shell
6 x 4¼ inches (15 x 10-3/4 cm)

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Hiroshi Yanagi Oriental Art (Kyoto, Japan)

Japanese wooden lion and guardian dog
Dated 1315
Height: 56 cm and 60 cm

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Zetterquist Galleries (New York, NY)

Longquan Celadon Censer with Applied Peonies
Southern Song - Yuan Dynasty
13th - 14th c. A.D., China
Height: 10.2 cm
Diameter: 15.25 cm