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March 12
E Educational Event
10 am — 6 pm

Exhibitions and Auction House Viewings

Many dealer exhibitions and auction house viewings are open throughout the day.
See listing pages for details.

For all Gallery Talks, it is necessary to RSVP to location as space is limited, and admission is first come first served.

11 am — 6 pm

Special Sale Event: AsiaStore, Asia Society

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Chinese Scholars' Rocks with Kemin Hu
AsiaStore presents newly acquired scholars' rocks—cherished by the Chinese since the Tang dynasty—from the collection of Kemin Hu.
This event runs daily March 12–19, with presentation by Kemin Hu from 12-4pm on March 12th.

11 am

E Lecture: Japan Society

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Boro Textiles: Sustainable Aesthetics
Director-led tour of the exhibition

2 pm

E Gallery Talk: Asia Society

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The Art of Impermanence: The John C. Weber and Mr. and Mrs. John D. Rockefeller 3rd Collections
Curator-led tour of the exhibition

2 pm

Discussion: AsiaStore, Asia Society

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Chinese Scholars' Rocks with Kemin Hu

5 pm — 7 pm

Opening Reception: The Charles B. Wang Center

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Forgotten Faces: Visual Representation of Trauma and Mass Killings in Asia

6 pm — 8 pm

Opening Reception: Tibet House US

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Meet the Neighbors